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Always Get Better   

Top 10 Signs Minnesota No Longer Wants an 

NBA Franchise

10. Lakers renounce ever having been located in Minneapolis

9. MSP City Council’s both vote to paint bike lanes on T-Wolves Court

8. Glenn Taylor agrees to have T-Wolves renamed ‘ObamaCare’

7. Mayors Frey/Carter no longer willing to be featured on KissCam

6. Heirs of Prince Estate return all proceeds from Purple uniforms/campaign

5. T-Wolves ownership decide to trade KAT to Minnehaha Academy

4. Archbishop of St. Paul condemns Rosas for speaking Spanish

3. Ryan Saunders admits on Maury Povich show that Flip is ‘not the father’.

2. Kevin Lynch/Jim Peterson replaced on broadcasts by Garrison Keillor/Tom Bernard

1. 'Target Center' re-named 'Wal-Mart Center'