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Always Get Better   

From Some Parents

I feel very fortunate to have received insight and guidance from the Clinic. The “system” had pretty much written off my daughter after seven failed AA-based treatment programs. She had given up on herself. I had come to the harsh reality that it was very likely that I was going to lose my daughter to chemical use even though I had fought so hard to help her.

Then I experienced the “Bob Muscala” phenomenon. Bob isn’t like anyone else I have found in his profession. He approached my situation with unique solutions. He opened up my mind and empowered me to take back control of my life. Others had tried to help but lacked Bob’s diligence and creativity.

By changing my behaviors and reactions to my daughter’s chemical use, my daughter was able to make changes in her life. Her chemical use is currently under control. This is quite an amazing turnaround from one year ago. She still has her struggles. I’m still a work in progress like everyone else, but now we are both in a much better place and there is hope for my daughter’s future.

"Thanks for working with our insurer so diligently. We appreciate your time and effort. Our son is still sober. He did go to the residential program you recommended over 4 months ago. We suspect a small (short duration) lapse/slip about 5 weeks ago but he recovered. We love having our son back. We wouldn't have gotten that without you. Please stay in touch. We are your friends................... "

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