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Always Get Better   

You have arrived here (probably) because you are looking for alternatives to the outdated Disease Concept/AA based programs. This website will help you answer some of your questions.

We use THE BEST OF ALL THE ALTERNATIVES. We don’t just offer one of the best (like SMART Recovery OR Rational Recovery OR the Life Process Program of Dr. Peele). Instead, the Clinic tries hard to offer ALL OF THE BEST. Most of the AA Alternative programs are 'missing something'. Combining the best ALTERNATIVES gives every person more complete information and a better chance to make make for successful change.

The bibliography contains great references to wonderful reading material. The best book (by far) that summarizes the conventional approach and the newer AA Alternative approaches is 'Sober For Good' by Anne Fletcher.

Call 952.920.1351 and I will send you a free copy of Anne's book - just mention that you looked at this web site................leave your name and mailing address and use the key word - SAGA..................

Best National AA 

Alternative Sites

Dr. Stanton Peele, Ph.D


Rational Recovery

SMART Recovery

Women For Sobriety

Moderation Management