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Always Get Better   

Clear Protection - Advocacy, Social Action - Promotion of improved treatments........

What is Clear Protection?

Clear Protection is an activity for clients and families of the Muscala Chemical Health Clinic. It meets formally on the first Monday of the month (no meetings in the Summer though). The group/activity promotes discussion and actions on matters of social policy, the cultures of chemical health, administrative, legal and legislative matters. Clear Protection encourages individuals and families to 'stand up' in good ways as well as learning when/how to 'stand down' properly. Matters of involvement since 1994 include;

-Advocacy for proper use of Automated Breathalyzer Ignition Interlock Devices (ABIID)

-Actions to help defend the Muscala Clinic and other similar program from improper sanctions from Licensing officials

-Support for individuals and all persons with chemical health problems to privacy and confidentiality of treatment files

-Recommendations to the Court and other officials about proper sanctions for chemical health offenses

-Constructive criticism regarding improper advertising/promotions from alcohol distributors

-Improved ability of individuals using ‘AA Alternatives’ to get proper credit from probation, courts and state offices

-Awards to ‘Good Samaritans’ who take heroic/difficult action in the community on matters of chemical health (stopping DWI drivers; helping toxic individuals to get to safety, etc)

-Efforts to stop prisoners from being coerced into AA-type ideas/treatments/notions

-Support for physicians, attorneys, nurses, social workers, psychologists, etc from being terrorized by State agencies for refusal to comply with standards of Minnesota Model/AA style programs.

-Help for workers and employers to improve on-site chemical health policies/programs.

-Exposing the incestuous nature of the AA/CD system in government, treatment, education, media and other aspects of society.

Typical Meeting Agenda for Clear Protection

Awards to be Given

· Stanton Peele Community Leadership Award – Reducing America’s Alcohol Saturation

· Herbert Fingarette Award - Best New Publication Supporting AA Alternatives

· Jack and Lois Trimpey ‘Shifting’ Award – Outstanding Courage in Advocacy and Protection

· Bernie Shellum Outstanding Reporting Award – Best at Improving Public Knowledge

· SMART New Program Award – Best New Program Using ‘The American Model’

· E.M. Jellinek Making a Difference Award – Best at Thinking Outside the Box

· Poorest Example of Encouraging Public Intoxication – ie. Target Field-A Bar Where They Happen to Play Baseball

Old Business

  1. Continued defense of privacy of patient records
  2. Help with unemployment compensation – update
  3. Driver’s license matters
  4. Web site information and access
  5. Helping professionals and offenders who are being coerced into AA model programs

New Business

A. Press Conference and a ‘Day at the Legislature’

B. Changing court/probation forms to eliminate use of AA/Sponsor language

C. Other items:

Best National AA 

Alternative Sites

Dr. Stanton Peele, Ph.D


Rational Recovery

SMART Recovery

Women For Sobriety

Moderation Management