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Always Get Better   

Apparently We Are All Exploiters

     We're all looking for a deal. Some way we can get other people to do more for us than we do for them. Rarely is our goal to give more than we receive. At times, we are satisfied with equal (mutual) exchanges. But what seems to excite us the most is when we get more than we give.

     This appears to be equally true for the wealthy, the so called middle class and the real/pretend poor. 

     Yesterday, in Macy's, I could not help but notice the three women buying Christmas gifts. They were in a dizzying, loud, self-centered frenzy working feverishly to get discounts on their proposed purchases. They had multiple coupons, from various publications, trying (in my view) to take as much money away from Macy's as possible. Multiple, deep discounts on all items would seemingly give them the victory they sought. They ‘cared less’ that several of us were in line behind them. They were excited at the highest level. This is what, apparently, would make their holiday season truly merry.

     I on the other hand, came from a different place. I moved to a different check-out counter where the sign read, “Use Your Macy’s Credit Card (and get a 20% discount)”. I told the clerk I have a card but just did not have it with me. So, we went thru the protocol. Check my driver’s license and have me enter my social security number on the card keypad. But the address in Macy’s database did not match my driver’s license (long story). And the deal fell thru.

     I had the option of complaining or asking for some relief. I also had the option to decline the sale and ask the overwhelmed/underpaid clerk to return the items to the shelf. Instead, I just sucked it up, noticed others in line behind me and just bought the merchandise at regular price and said (in my head), “Thanks very much Macy's. I appreciate you being here. Here’s some money to keep you operational and healthy…”

And that allows me to continue my own personal sense of self righteousness. Exploiting the situation at Macy’s to prop up my own self esteem.


     And we all seem to have our own ways of justifying whatever exploitation we prefer. People on SSDI that could do work – but do not. Women who use their sexuality to get (whatever) and then purport exploitation to get even more. Senators and Presidents who grab women’s butts/stuff. Family members who take advantage of their vulnerable and aging parents. ObamaCare enrollees caring only that they get a lot for very little - regardless of the effect on others. Hazelden (and similar) engaging in massive exploitation of disabled drunks (along with their frightened/angry family members). Insurance companies demand 100% payments - ON TIME but give back very little (whenever they please) after huge discounts, a $5,000 deductible and co-pays.

     The beat goes on…………

Note: The inserted picture is of Mahbub Mahsur, convicted in 2010 of exploiting (preying on) drunk women in Twin Cities bars and using their vulnerable states to rape/have sex with them. His 10 year prison sentence began in 2011. Why he got only 10 years is a mystery to me. But I'm sure his defense attorneys got plenty of our money......

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