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Always Get Better   

Recommended Viewings

· ABC 20/20 Program April 2003, “Help Me, I Can’t Help Myself”

· HBO Documentary ‘Addiction’, 2007

· Super Size Me


 O ­­Fletcher, Ann, Sober For Good, 2001 Houghton Mifflin Company

Anne's book is one of the most versatile readings for patients and families. Consumers who are shopping for treatment options find he book helpful in deciding how to proceed. We use it for patient education, almost like a text book at times. Patients need to discover the competencies they will need to achieve and SFG really helps. SFG is also helpful to give to family members who are skeptical of a Clinic like this where we don't use AA/conventional Minnesota Model techniques at all. It's also a great bedside reference for patients. We now ask them to flip open the book and read one random page a day. It's a great refresher and clarifying tool.........

 O Horvath, Thomas, Sex, Drugs, Gambling and Chocolate , 2004 Impact Publishers – SMART Recovery

O Kirkpatrick, Jean, The Program Booklet, 1990 WFS Publication – Women/Men For Sobriety

O Peele, Stanton R., 7 Tools To Beat Addiction, 2004 Three Rivers Press

O Prochaska, James O. et al, Changing for Good, 1994 Avon Books

O Trimpey, Lois/Jack, Rational Recovery: The New Cure, 1996 Pocket Books – Rational Recovery

O Trimpey, Lois/Jack, The Small Book, 1992 Dell Press – Rational Recovery

O Ellis, Albert, A New Guide To Rational Living, 1997 Melvin Powers Wilshire Books – SMART Recovery

For persons interested in learning about Harm Reduction we recommend the following book

O Denning, Patt, Over the Influence, 2004 Guilford Press

For persons interested in pursuing reduced/limited use, we recommend the following book……

O Rotgers, Frederick – Kern, Mark E. and Holtzell, Rudy, Responsible Drinking. 2002 New Harbinger Publications

For family member/concerned persons discussions we use the following book……

O Meyers, Robert J – Wolfe, Brenda L., Get Your Loved One Sober, 2004 Hazelden Press

Additional Readings

__Bufe, Charles, Alcoholics Anonymous, Cult or Cure? 1991 See Sharp Press

__Denning, Patt, Practicing Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, 2000 The Guilford Press

__Dorsman, Jerry, How to Quit Drinking Without AA, 1991 New Dawn

__Ellis Dr. Albert, Rational Steps to Quitting Alcohol –When AA Doesn’t Work For You, 1992 Barricade Books

__Fingarette, Herbert, Heavy Drinking: The Myth of Alcoholism as a Disease, 1988 University of California Press

__Fox, Vince, Addiction, Change and Choice: the New View of Alcoholism, 1993 Sharp Press

__Frey, James, A Million Little Pieces, 2003 Doubleday

__Gilliam, Marianne, How Alcoholics Anonymous Failed Me, 1998 William Morrow Co.

__Hamill, Pete, A Drinking Life, 1994 Deidre Enterprises

__Katz, Dr. Stan and Liu, Aimee, Codependency Conspiracy, 1991 Warner Books

__Kern, Mark F., Take Control Now (Developing Healthy Habits), 1994 Mark F. Kern, Ph.D.

__Kishline, Audrey, Moderate Drinking, 1994 Crown Trade Paperbacks

__Knapp, Caroline, Drinking: A Love Story, 1996 Dell Publishing.

__Kurtz, Dr. Ernest, Not-God: A History of Alcoholics Anonymous, 1979 Hazelden Press

__Miller, William R., Controlling Your Drinking, 2005 The Guilford Press

__Miller, William R. et al, Treatment of Addictive Behaviors, 1986 Plenum Press

__Peele, Stanton R., How Much Is Too Much, 1981 Human Resources Institute

__Peele, Stanton R., Love and Addiction, 1976 Signet Books

__Peele, Stanton R., The Meaning of Addiction, 1985 Lexington Books

__Peele, Stanton R., Diseasing of America, 1989 Lexington Books

__Peele, Stanton R./Brodsky, Archie, The Truth About Addiction and Recovery, 1991 Fireside Books

__Peele, Stanton R. and Bufe, Charles, Resisting 12-Step Coercion, 2000 See Sharp Press

__Ragge Ken, More Revealed – A Critical Analysis of AA and The Twelve Steps, 1991 Albert Publishing

__Rapping, Elayne, The Culture of Recovery, 1996 Beacon Press

__Rotgers, Dr. Frederick and Kern, Dr. Mark, Responsible Drinking, 2002 New Harbinger Press

__Sanchez-Craig, Dr. Martha, How To Quit Drinking or Cut Down, 1993 Addiction Research Foundation,

__Scaffa/Quinn/Swift, Making Choices: A Personal Look at Alcohol & Drug Use, 1992 Wm. C. Brown

__Schaler, Jeffrey, Addiction is a Choice, 2000 Carus Publishing Company

__Tate, Dr. Phillip, Alcohol – How To Give It Up and Be Glad You Did, 1993 Rational Self Help Press

__Volpicelli, Joseph and Szalavitz, Maria, Recovery Options: The Complete Guide, 2000 J. Wiley and Sons

__Weil, Dr. Andrew, The Natural Mind, 1975

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