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Always Get Better   

The American Model

The 'American Model' of Chemical Health is vastly different from the Minnesota Model.

The Minnesota Model presumes all people with chemical dependency have the same disease, the same personality characteristics and can only get well by using the principles/ideas of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The American Model is drawn from talented researchers, innovators and authors over the past 40 years and has discovered;

-There is not one chemical health disease/condition that people suffer from - there are MANY

-People with chemical health problems have widely varying personality characteristics. There is no such thing as an 'addictive personality'. People with chemical health problems need to be regarded as individuals and not treated as a 'group'.

-People with chemical health problems get well with a variety of ways/approaches. The principles/approaches of AA are effective/appropriate for less than 5% of people with chemical health problems. The other 95% will respond better to the approaches of Self-Change, Guided Self Change, Women For Sobriety, Rational Recovery, SMART Recovery, Harm Reduction, Moderation Methods, Individualized Chemical Health, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Brief Interventions, Medication/Technology Assisted Change, etc.

Major Contributors to the

American Model of Chemical Health Improvement

· Dr. John Brantner, Minnesota

· Dr. Dan Anderson, Minnesota

· Drs. Mark and Linda Sobell, California-Quebec-Florida

· Robert Michael Muscala, RN, Minnesota

· Dr. Jean Kirkpatrick, Pennsylvania

· Dr. Stanton Peele, New Jersey

· Dr. William Miller, New Mexico

· Dr. Alan Marlatt, Washington

· Dr. Joseph Califano, Washington

· Dr. Albert Ellis, New York

· David Schreiber, MA, Minnesota

· Dr. Herbert Fingarette, California

· Dan Cain, Minnesota

· Dr. Martha Sanchez-Craig, Quebec

· Jack Trimpey, MSW, California

· Jerry Dorsman, MSW, Maryland

· Dr. James Prochaska, Rhode Island

· Dr. Reid Hester, Colorado

· Dr. Mark Kern, California

· Vince Fox, Indiana

· Dr. Tom Horvath, California

· Dr. Mark Willenbring, Minnesota

· Dr. Jeffrey Schaler, Connecticut

· Anne Fletcher, RD, Minnesota

· Dr. Frederick Rotgers, Pennsylvania

· Maia Szlavitz, New York

· Dr. Joseph Volpicelli, Pennsylvania

· Charles Bufe, Arizona

· Dr. Robert Meyers, New Mexico

· Dr. Patt Denning, California

Best National AA 

Alternative Sites

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